Martyn Gingell  B.Sc. M.Sc.

a Hampshire Garden Designer

A garden design showing a pond by Hampshire Garden Designer Martyn Gingell

Providing a bespoke garden design service for private clients in Hampshire.

More than 30 years experience as a professional garden designer.

A thorough garden design brief is taken to ensure your requirements are met.

Designs for large, small, town & country gardens & small estates.

For construction by landscape contractors or yourselves.

Layout plans & sketches how your new garden will look.

Planting plans  ...add colour, texture & life to your garden.

Construction specifications with building your garden.

Help finding suitable contractors, Project monitoring, Plant sourcing for agreed designs, Aftercare advice.

A garden design in Hampshire by Martyn Gingell, 'hot' plant colours in front of a terrace.



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